Websupport REST API =================== Purpose of this API is to enable to manage services provided by Websupport. However this API is published as stable, we are still working on to add new features and services. If you found a bug or have specific request/idea, drop us an e-mail to [helpdesk@websupport.sk](mailto:helpdesk@websupport.sk). Feel free to use and enjoy. Websupport - leading domain registrator and webhosting company in Slovakia About API, read first! ---------------------- - [API basics, how to connect](v1.intro) Methods ------- - [User management](v1.user) - [Service management](v1.service) - [Invoice management](v1.invoice) - [Ordering new services](v1.order) - [DNS management](v1.zone) - [Hosting management](v1.hosting) - [VPS management](v1.vps)